Yoga with Meredith Gunderson

Meredith Gunderson is a London based yogi, curator & mystic who studies & teaches spiritual practices that bring us more fully into our authentic selves.

She has been a life long lover of art and the metaphysical as well as a yogi for over 20 years. Reiki attuned, a student of tarot & Native American Animal Medicine and married to a Church of England priest, Meredith draws from varied traditions with an open heart and mind. Many of Meredith’s students work with her specifically to develop sustainable meditation practices to support their creativity.

Her personal mantra is “All is within.” and she is known as a teacher who brings the esoteric to the everyday…and often laughing along the way.


Charlotte has been one of Meredith’s students for some time and finds her classes so useful for her own creative process. “Meredith’s classes help me to think about creativity, recognise when to make space for it and enhance the process with meditation and yoga. I’m so pleased that Meredith is teaching at Villa Pia as there is a brilliant and natural fit between her practice and the retreat." Charlotte Bland March 2019.

“All is within.”

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